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In addition to the design of many traditional mechanical transmissions and hydraulic pumps, some particularly interesting and innovative projects developed by me are:

– Study for the bevel gears to Carraro axles non-circular steering transmission, variable ratio with the angle of rotation

– Definition of Best-Fit algorithm for Mirai – Study for Lean of elliptical gears for flowmeters in the field of biomedical
– Design for Bora, from the profiles (patented), compressors and vacuum pumps, Roots.

– Design for Bora, from the profiles (patented), worm compressors and vacuum pumps, oil-free

– Concept and design of compact drives for Carini (patented) + bevel planetary

– Project for STM, profiles of screw compressors with oil injection. – Definition for Carini of Spiroplan gears with production assistance

– Concept, design and profiling of an hydraulic pump at very low levels of noise and ripple (Patented)

– Licensing at Settima Meccanica and Settima Flow.

– Design, project and production support for STM of an angular transmission with the use of innovative orthogonal bevel skew gears (Patented)

– Design for Campagnola and assistance to the project for the production of a transmission for innovative electromechanical servo intended for pruning shears (Patented)

– Design and Optimization for Smaltiflex of embossing tools and their profiles for formed sheets designed to Ljungstrom heat exchangers for power plants.

– Invention and industrial application of the “Shhark” oil pump profiles and tools for machining it for Turolla-Danfoss (Patented) Listed below, some of my most significant ‘traditional’ projects:

– Brevini Winches optimization of planetary gears

– Carini: angular bevel gears with Gleason and Klingelnberg couples between 50 and 12500 N * I ratings from 0.37 kW to 5 MW; assistance in a variety of gears working for third parties, such as the development of worms Duplex for divisors of machine tools;

– Marzocchi: optimization profiles for involute toothed pumps, tools for the study of tooth and spline connection;

– PMP: mathematical definition of toothed profiles in an appropriate format to CNC machines

– Settima Meccanica : mathematical definition of profiles for three screws pumps with output format CNC standard as for Klingelnberg and Samp;

– SITI design of planetary gearbox line, with special Oldham joint connection sytsem for modular multistage applications (Patented)

– STM: development of the line of worm gear reducers, helical setting of the line, setting the line of the bevel gear boxes,

– Tramec: definition of the teeth and other details of the line of low-backlash planetary gearboxes;